Our Herd Sires

The buck is the most important individual in your herd.  He is responsible for 50% of the genetics in the offspring of the herd and all your does together make up the other 50%.  In three years his genetics make up 90% of your herd genetics. Your choice of herd sire is extremely important.

 Jericho: With Jericho's early imprinting he is quite a gentleman. His sire, Apache Loverboy, passed on his confirmation and is evident in Jericho. He is the grandson of Sunboy Loverboy whose dam is known for her great maternal instincts and skills. Jericho's dam has not needed to be dewormed in the last three years. So he has a lot of inherent qualities that are really valued in meat goats.  

Orion: Orion is my daughter's New Zealand buck that we use with our herd. He is named from the greatest hunter in Greek mythology. He was known for being very strong, handsome, and a body of gigantic proportions. Orion lives up to his name..He is quite the hunk with his blue eyes and cream color, and has a lineage to be proud of with Goatex Generator on top and Sunboy Stanton and Moneymaker on bottom.   

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